About the Publisher

Katie McKay, Publisher Modern Moto Magazine
Katie McKay, Publisher Modern Moto Magazine

The concept of Modern Moto Magazine came about when Katie McKay realized the need for the world to see women’s motorcycle gear from a new perspective.  While attending AIMExpo in 2015 as a member of the media for The GirlRiders Network, a website Katie founded nearly ten years ago, she stumbled upon a meeting being held for women in the powersports industry.  As a blogger, Katie was not really in the industry, just an active observer, but she wanted more, so she snuck in the door and took a seat among motorcycle racers, world travelers, mechanics and moto-entrepreneurs.  That is where Katie learned about the “Gas Tank” competition sponsored by the Motorcycle Industry Council’s (MIC) PowerLily group. Katie did not hesitate for a minute, the magazine concept was churning and growing in her mind.  From that moment she started to lay out the plan for Modern Moto Magazine.

Katie is the Founder and President of The GirlRiders Network; a community of female motorcycle riders who encourage and inspire one another through a worldwide online social network and local community events. Her dream has always been to become a positive influence for female riders around the world. She is excited to be chasing her dream of truly being a part of the motorcycle industry and making a difference in the lives of riders around the world through Modern Moto Magazine.

Katie herself has had a passion for riding since she was first introduced to it by her husband in 2005. Always wanting more, she quickly realized there was a need for a connection with other female riders and formed GirlRiders.  Katie, a Florida native,  is also a wife and mother and has worked as an architectural project manager for over twenty years.

Modern Moto Magazine is important to Katie because she is concerned with the safety of riders.  A fresh look at motorcycle gear from a new perspective will attract new and veteran riders alike.

Modern Moto Magazine presents motorcycle safety apparel in a fashion-centric format. Utilizing fashion photography techniques and the proven format of beauty and fashion magazines to engage motorcycle riders in an interactive, unbiased, visually stimulating and educational new way. Modern Moto Magazine will be published under GirlRiders, LLC, by Owner and President Katie McKay.

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