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Modern Moto  - The Power of Women

Modern Moto is an on-line motorcycle magazine featuring women motorcycle riders, women's motorcycle gear, motorcycle travel, product reviews, interviews, DIY and more.

Launched in 2016, as a fashion-centric motorcycle magazine, we helped thousands of women riders gear up, be protected and look fabulous.  We heard your stories and we saw the strength and beauty in every rider, we soon realized thatModern Moto is not just about motorcycle gear,  it is about The Power of Women.  We believe the power of your two-wheeled machines is equally matched by the power you have as a woman rider.

Excerpt from May 2018 Letter from the Editor:

Strength. This word consistently comes
to mind when I meet women riders who
are passionate about motorcycles and the
community they create.
Motorbikes have always attracted those
with a rebellious spirt, those who seek
adventure and freedom, but it’s only the
strong who stick with it and make it a
lifelong obsession. It's not easy pushing
around a 400-pound machine, riding a bike
designed for a rider 6-foot-tall, dodging
car drivers with chips on their shoulders or
those who just don’t pay attention, riding
on the highway in a thunderstorm, riding
alone across the country, smiling inside at
silly questions because people are still in
awe of a woman on a motorcycle.

The underlying theme ... is strength.

Look for it in these pages; look
for it in yourself. I see it in you.
Katie McKay

Power your ride, your adventure, your life on two wheels.

Published by GirlRiders, LLC: About the Publisher

About page featured photo Rider: Dara | Photographer Tommy Vidal


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