AIMExpo 2016 Recap

I have attended AIMExpo since their inaugural show four years ago, always as a member of the media for The GirlRiders Network, interviewing exhibitors and guests, reviewing new products and playing with all the amazing machines, but this year was different, because this year I was on the other side of the exhibitor’s table (read how). Yep, behind the table is a whole different world.  This time I was often the interviewee and not the interviewer, this time I had to promote my own product instead of reporting on others.  This time I felt the pressures that each exhibitor feels, to preform, to impress and to exceed expectations and to be honest, I really loved it.  I loved sharing the concept of Modern Moto Magazine. To see the look of excitement on a rider’s face when they connected with the idea of the magazine was an unforgettable moment each and every time.   To have good friends helping and supporting me through out the weekend was a pure blessing.

As I continue to grow Modern Moto Magazine, I will be on both sides of the table.  I strive to bring you news on all the latest gear and entertain you with gorgeous photos and awesome write ups from our creative team, but I will still be out there pushing to get the word out, we have something new and exciting and it does not work without you.

Thank you to everyone following us on this journey, I can’t wait to get the first issue out to you in 2017!  – Katie, Publisher

Visit our Facebook-Live “AIMExpo Playlist” here to see some of the newest products in action:  Modern Moto FB Videos

AIMExpo Pics(Click to Enlarge)

Jackets and Boots


Faces, Places and Bikes

To the Mod-Squad: Teura, Annette, Kat and Giselle – thank you for all the great ideas, support and putting up with me, there is no way I could not have done it without you. Aliki and Kevin, thanks for helping with the videos, that was a blast!  Isacc Yi your photos were amazing and brought the booth to life. To each friend who stopped by to say hi, I am extremely grateful.  To every person I met for the first time and took the time out of the their hectic day to chat with us, thank you.  Of course, thank you to MIC and Cam Arnold, my mentor Mary Green and my fellow Powerlily contestants, what a ride and we’re just getting started!

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