Babes Ride Out 5 – The Fashion and Merch Report!

Modern Moto Magazine staff writer Jill here! I just got back from Babes Ride Out 5, and I’ve got the full fashion and merchandise report!

All styles of motorcycles and gear were represented by ladies of all ages within the Joshua Tree Lakes campground: vintage standards through late-model sport bikes; cute protective leggings and jackets through full (and dirty!) textile adventure gear. And the boots – ah the boots. I am still suffering from a serious bout of boot envy!

The babes in attendance rocked their best après-moto fashion all weekend long after each day’s riding, and there was no one defining “look” for the weekend – tank tops, tee shirts, jeans, short-shorts with thigh-high tube socks, sundresses, and tutus were all common. Some ladies even busted out the sequins and fur for Saturday’s DJ dance party! The “Onesie” was the most popular nighttime clothing item – we spotted several Care Bears, dinosaurs, Rocky Balboa, skeletons (it IS close to Halloween, after all!), and of course Wonder Woman! (If you’d like to see the Rocky onesie in action, model Robyn will be guiding the Alaska Women’s Motorcycle Tour in Summer 2018  (crazy PJs encouraged but not required!)

The wildly cool Babes Ride Out branded merch by RVCA offered something for everyone, and the Stance/BRO collaborative knee sock was probably the most popular item available for purchase. By Sunday night, almost every calf across the campground was clad in a unique BRO sock/moto boot combination.

Even the protective equipment for some of the “Real Deal” hands-on classes was fashionable – Jessi Combs’ polka dotted welding helmets prove you can still look good with a welding torch in hand.

Beyond the fashion and branded merch, there’s something to be said for the wardrobe staples that comfortably work for nearly any situation. One babe summed it up best when she said “One thing is for sure – this weekend I learned that I need to buy a pair of black leggings as soon as I get home!”





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