Moto doesn’t always mean Moto

We came across an ad for a new fashion line that we absolutely love.  The looks are sexy, modern, strong and inspired by the motorcycle lifestyle. These are all good things, but let’s get this straight, just because leggings and a jacket are moto-inspired, doesn’t mean they are moto-worthy.  Carbon 38’s recently released line called the Moto Collection echo’s the trends of the motorcycle world, in a clothing line designed to take take you from the gym to a night out.  In fact, that is exactly what they depict in their promo video – which is awesome! The not-so-awesome part of this is that they show this night out on the back of a bike.  Yes, they are trying to bring authenticity to their product, but buyer be aware – yes I do mean be aware – pay attention, just because a clothing line uses words like “performance” and “moto” and shows the model on a motorcycle does not mean that they will protect you from wind, rain, flying debris, hot pipes, road rash, cracked bones … well you get the picture.  Read descriptions carefully, check fabric types, be a smart consumer and buy the right product for your needs.  There IS truly protective motorcycle gear that will get you this look, do your research, learn what fabrics are abrasion resistant, learn about new thinner body armor, check Modern Moto for new designers, scour the web for true motorcycle apparel.

So, you go ahead girl and show your love for moto on and off the bike – just make sure what you are wearing on it will save your ass, not just make it look good.

Below is the promo video from Carbon38.
While she looks amazing  at the gym and on the street – this is NOT FOR RIDING!


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