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Time to look at motorcycle gear from a whole new perspective.


Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Saban Entertainment

You no longer need to look like these guys to gear up and ride a motorcycle,  No matter how awesome it may be to be a Power Ranger, it really should be kept as a secret identity.   As a female rider, social and mainstream media might lead me to believe the only other option is a tank top and torn jeans, well this is just not the case and Modern Moto is here to change the world’s perception of motorcycle apparel.

Many riders feel they must choose between style or safety but manufacturers of motorcycle apparel are expanding their options and realizing the need to please the eye as well as protect the body and Modern Moto Magazine is where all the best gear is featured with style and fashion in mind.

RoboCop – Orion Pictures

Modern Moto features looks for all types of street motorcycle riding. cruiser, vintage, cafe racer, sportbike, touring, scooters; we mix an eclectic variety of fashions and trends to fit riders with different personal styles, body types and riding cultures. Modern Moto offers riders a new way to experience motorcycle apparel before they purchase.

So if Robo-Cop is your look, then go for it, hey we don’t even mind if you really love being a Power Ranger – you do you – we are just here to show you all your options.



Modern Moto Magazine presents motorcycle safety apparel in a fashion-centric format. We utilize fashion photography techniques and the proven format of beauty and fashion magazines to engage motorcycle riders in an interactive, unbiased, visually stimulating and educational new way.


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