Plutonium MOTO Designs are Retro-Futuristic

The May issue of Modern  Moto features an interview with gear designer, Marilyn Yu; creator, owner and designer of Plutonium MOTO.

Modern Moto: Describe your line of motorcycle gear, its design aesthetic and safety features.

Marilyn Yu: Plutonium MOTO makes stylish and safe motorcycle gear for women. Our jackets are made of high-quality materials for safety, are cut to a feminine silhouette and easily adapt to different situations. My design aesthetic is retro-futuristic.

For the full interview and look at Marilyn’s designs be sure to subscribe to Modern Moto.  Coupon code: FLYER

Marilyn Yu, Plutonium Moto
Marilyn Yu, Plutonium Moto | Photographer Nicole Cross
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