Stay Sassy – Moto-Adventure Packing Tips

I have been chastised from time-to-time for carrying too much, but I say that as long as I can manage everything I pack on my own, I will remain moto-sassy! I’ve successfully packed shoes; jackets/sweaters; extra motorcycle gloves and socks; my laptop; a wine pack complete with a bottle of Cabernet, corkscrew and plastic, stemless glass; my favorite coffee and raw, organic honey, and a small bag with a tire plug kit/air compressor and portable battery jump starter – all in a 40L dry sack that I purchased at Walmart for less than $20. – Deb Gasque, The Fashionista with an Iron Butt
  • Check your dry sack/duffel at each stop to be sure it’s still secured properly.
  • Always pack your bags so that YOU can handle the weight when loading them on the bike and carrying them into your accommodations.
  • Tire pressure should be checked after your bags are loaded to be sure you have proper levels.
  • Other possible items to include: shower shoes, travel packets of laundry soap, disinfectant wipes, a small first-aid kit.
  • Carry small quantities of toiletry liquids to cut down on weight. You can purchase these things on the road as needed.

Full article, Stay Sassy, My Friends Packing for a Moto-Adventure still available in Modern Moto Magazine, March 2017 Issue No. 1 in our digital archive.





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