Thankful for …

We asked the Mod-Squad and MMM staff what moto-related goodness they are especially thankful or grateful for this holiday season, here’s a few.    I am thankful for ….

Jessica … The many entrepreneurial folks out there making fashion-inspired gear (Moto Chic, for example); my bike; my love; and the opportunity to be a part of something truly special (Modern Moto)!

Lynda … A motorcycle culture that continually inspires women to do, go, and ride toward whatever they want to be – and the support we feel from cheering one another on, no matter what, how, or with whom you ride!

Jill … Modern Moto subscribers making our collective voice louder, for the companies who are listening, and for the resulting widening range of ladies’ gear available to the masses!

Irene … Everything.

An … All the awesome lady riders I’ve met along the way.

Teura … That women are finally getting a spotlight in the world of motorcycling. As a result manufacturers in both clothing and motorcycles are featuring women and designing for women!

Amber … The friendships I’ve formed meeting other riders.

Deborah … Health!

Elaine … Pretty much everything, but I’m most grateful for such a welcoming and supportive community among women riders.

Brittany … This beautiful planet and the roads that take me anywhere I want to go.

Kat … The wonderful women (including you Katie) that I have met since moving here in 2015, that have opened the doors to some amazing rides, experiences, and friendships. I thank you all for being the rock and support I needed through the tough times. Xoxo

Gail … All the strong wonderful women that I have met and become friends with who are doing their moto-thing their way ❤️ 🏍

Vicki … The GoPro camera that’s allowed to capture some of my adventures on the road. I look at my footage in awe knowing it’s me behind the handlebars riding my OWN bike.

Annette … Track days!

Dawn … The track family!

Anu … The smells of benzin (gasoline) and leather and asphalt and nature.

Jenn … Padded riding shorts 😂

Monica … How riding a motorcycle makes me ONE with my surroundings. Everything else in the world disappears and the only thing that exist is me, my machine, and the open road. Best therapy ever.

Marianne … Life is good. So thankful for a generous husband and my health. Also that I my riding is still improving and I am having fun!

Katie … Gear made for female shapes and the smart, strong women of Modern Moto.




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