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Modern Moto Magazine

Published by GirlRiders, LLC

The following explains the terms and conditions of a Modern Moto Magazine subscription:

Your personal account status is accessible through the Payer Portal .

In the Payer Portal a subscriber may:

  • Update name and email address.
  • Update delivery information.
  • Cancel plan.
  • View payment history.
  • Update credit card information and expiration.

Change of address

Keep you address current to assure delivery. You can change your address easily online after logging into Payer Portal with your email address.  IF YOU ARE CHANGING YOUR MAILING ADDRESS YOU MUST ALSO CONTACT US and let us know.  This does not guarantee there will not be a missed delivery, depending on the delivery cycle.

Note, your change of address must be received at least eight weeks prior to issue cover date to avoid missed issues. For example, if you are moving in September, your change of address must be received by early July, otherwise your September issue will be mailed to your old address.

Change of email address

You can quickly and easily change your email address in the Payer Portal so you won’t miss any subscription notices and discount offers via email.  Use the email address address you used when you purchased your initial subscription to log-in and make changes.


Your credit card will be charged at time of purchase.  You will receive an email notification of successful or failed payment.  You are automatically enrolled in the Subscriber’s Automatic Renewal Feature, details below.

Subscriber’s Automatic Renewal feature

Our Automatic Renewal program takes all the hassle out of renewing your magazine subscription. It avoids service interruption by automatically renewing your subscription. Your subscription will automatically be renewed unless you tell us to stop by canceling before the annual renewal in the Payer Portal. Before each renewal, you will be sent a reminder notice stating the term and rate. If you do nothing, your credit/debit card will be charged and you will continue to receive Modern Moto Magazine deliveries.

Access to digital edition

The digital version of each issue is accessible to all print and digital issue paid subscribers.  For non-subscribers, individual digital copies of current and back issues are available for sale at ModernMotoMag.com.

Promotional offers sent by email

From time to time we may send you promotional materials and newsletter. If you prefer not to receive these emails, you may follow the unsubscribe instructions in the email.

Subscription email notices

The following automatic emails will be sent to subscribers through the payment system:

Successful Payment — Sent to payer when a payment is successful

Recurring Plan Created — Sent to payer when a recurring plan is created

Failed Payment on Recurring Plan — Sent to payer when a payment on a recurring plan fails

Recurring Plan Ended — Sent to payer when a recurring plan is canceled or expires

Card Expiration Date Approaching — Sent to payers on recurring plans before their card expires

Upcoming Payment — Sent to payers 3 days before their next recurring plan payment

Successful Refund — Sent to payers after a payment has been refunded


You may cancel your renewal online at any time in the Payer Portal.  You will continue to receive the remaining issues due in your paid subscription.  If you do not wish to receive the remaining issues, and prefer a refund, please contact us.

Late or missed issues

Modern Moto is published bi-monthly (6 times per year). Your first issue will arrive 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of your subscription order. See schedule for delivery of subsequent issues below.  There is currently no delivery of print copies available outside of the U.S.

If the magazine does not arrive as expected, we may have an incorrect address on file or we may not have received your payment. Log into your Payer Portal to verify if your name and address are correct before contacting us. Other factors that may cause a missed issue are:

  • A recent change of address
  • Your subscription has expired or has not yet started
  • Your payment has not yet been received
  • Postal delivery delays due to severe weather

If none of the above applies, contact us. We will extend your subscription to compensate for the missed issue.

Damaged issues

If your issue frequently arrives damaged and your mailbox is sufficiently sized, check with the post office to determine that your magazine arrives there in good condition. You may file a complaint with your post office by requesting a postal tracking.

Print edition, pricing and how to order

The print version subscription pricing is approximately 60% savings from individual issue prices.  Promo codes for subscriptions are occasionally shared at events and social media for additional savings.  Single issues are available on ModernMotoMag.com while supplies last.

U.S. shipping and applicable sales tax is included in the total price.

Digital Edition, pricing and how to order

Modern Moto is available digitally to suit your tablet, mobile device, laptop or desktop computer, including all the editorial content and advertising found in the print version of the magazine.

The digital version is available for free to all print subscribers or it may be purchased at ModernMotoMag.com.  If you can not access Modern Moto on a compatible device, contact us and we will try to assist.   As a print subscriber, If you are unable to access the digital version after contacting us, since the digital is free with a paid subscription, no partial refund will be issued unless you cancel your entire subscription.  If you pay for an individual digital issue or subscription and can not access, please contact us and we can issue a refund.

Magazine frequency & delivery

Modern Moto is published bi-monthly (6 times per year) and is shipped early in the month of the issue cover date.

For new subscriptions, your first issue should arrive within 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of your order. Delivery is only available in the U.S. at this time.

If you have not received your issue by the last day of the month indicated below, please contact us.

ISSUE MONTHS:  January, March, May, July, September, November

Back issues

Back issues of the print edition of Modern Moto Magazine are available while supplies last at the newsstand rate on ModernMotoMag.com.

Online Security

Modern Moto magazine uses Moon Clerk and Stripe for sales of all print issues.  Moon Clerk provides bank level security and provides full SSL encryption during the entire checkout process. All browsers interact with Moon Clerk payment forms over HTTPS.  PCI compliance is certified to PCI Service Provider Level, the most stringent level of certification available. All credit card numbers are encrypted.

Permissions and article reprints

Modern Moto is fully protected by copyright and nothing that appears in it may be reprinted wholly or in part without permission. For inquiries on reprints, you can contact us.

Contact the Editor

We love hearing from you! If you have comments or inquiries about our features and editorial content, you can share your input and ideas with the editors and other readers in our Facebook™ group, The Mod-Squad.

Advertising information

For media kit and contact information to advertise in Modern Moto click here.

Privacy Policy

Contact Customer Service

We will do our best to help! Be sure to provide detailed information about your account and problem so that Customer Service can best assist you.

Thank you!


last update: 09-17-17

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